Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mark the Page- Bookmarks Magazine

Have you seen Bookmarks magazine? I borrowed an issue from a friend, then my husband got me a subscription for Christmas, and I have to say I'm really enjoying it.

A bimonthly glossy publication, it's a magazine of book reviews culled from newspapers and magazines across the country- kind of like a Reader's Digest of book reviews. Each issue has sections on upcoming books, books out in paperback soon, book clubs, special topics, just to start. This week I received the March/April 2011 issue, featuring a page on recent book awards, a special section on books about baseball, an article on "The Literary Physician" profiling authors Atul Gawande and Abraham Verghese, a profile of author Susan Vreeland and more.

It's so fun! I love how the editors quote from multiple reviews then summarize critical reception of a given book. I've been enjoying whiling away a morning here and there with coverage of mainstream books from mainstream publishers in mainstream categories. So you'll get good coverage of "name" authors and big houses but I would like to see them include a monthly feature on small presses and/or translated works, as well as some more depth of niche genres like science fiction (although they do include a small review section on sf covering well-known authors like Iain Banks), romance, young adult and even children's. But I suppose it's hard to do everything.

Have you read Bookmarks? It's an information-packed, well-produced magazine that will definitely keep you up to date on what's available at your local bookstore and library, and give you some things to look for when you walk in. It's $5.95 an issue or $27.95 for a six-issue subscription (other rate plans are available). Check it out!

FTC Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Bookmarks magazine nor did I receive a review copy/issue.