Monday, April 11, 2011

New Category: YA or YA Crossover

As you may know, for the most part I read and review books written and marketed for adults. Once in a  while, maybe for Banned Book Week or if something just happens to catch my eye, I'll read a young-adult title, but not often. This is not to suggest that I don't respect young adult literature, just that for the most part it's not my thing. However, once in a while I'll read an adult title that I think might nonetheless be a good fit for the young adult reader, maybe because it stars a teen or it's a great coming of age story, or for any number of other reasons.

Until now I've had no really good way of indicating when I feel this way, other than to say somewhere within the text of the review itself. I want to do better than just hope you notice this as you read a review. and since I'm always looking for ways to improve the usefulness of my blog, I've decided to create a new tag, YA or YA Crossover, which I'm now applying to those reviews for which I think it's appropriate.

Major caveat: I am not a young adult librarian and these opinions represent no more than just that- my own personal opinion. Books written for young adults will bear this label along with those written for adults that I think are suitable, and books bearing this label may still have some adult content of some kind, be it mild sexual content or suggestiveness, adult language or mild violence. You as readers and/or librarians are free to disagree with any or all of my choices.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you about what you think constitutes a YA crossover novel. What's your favorite adult novel that you think has YA appeal? What does it take for an adult novel to appeal to teens?

So going forward, you can look on my sidebar for the tag YA or YA Crossover to see what might be there. I hope it's a good way of directing curious readers of all ages to literary fiction and nonfiction that will appeal to readers of many ages.