Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Salon- Happy Easter and Happy Spring

Flowers are finally coming up in my back yard- tulips and crocuses. My yard is always kind of a mess- I'm not a gardener at all and I hate digging and getting dirty. My husband did some tidying up a couple of weeks ago and planted some grass and put some bricks around the flower beds. It looks nice now, and it will be great once it's warm enough to put the hammock out and use it. But for now I'm happy to look out every now and then and see some modest progress.

I finished reading Fosca, by Iginio Ugo Tarchetti, this week. It was pretty good; it's about a man who becomes obsessed with a very ugly woman while his love affair with a beauty winds down. I didn't love it but I thought it was a neat little time capsule of a read. I'll have a full review next week. In the meantime today I'm reading The Last Brother, by Nathacha Appanah; it's about a young boy on the island of Mauritius during World War II and the friendship and tragedy he shares with a young Jewish boy who's interred there along with other Eastern European Jews escaping the war and on their way to Israel. I didn't know anything about this particular chapter of WW2 history and it's fascinating. And the book is terrific!

As usual I've quit my monthly reading project early; I worked my way through several review books and several "me" books, and now I'm on to May's project, reading some 2011 releases. The Last Brother is the first of these; then I'm on to Ghost Light and The Tiger's Wife and others. Of course I'll keep you informed! If there's a 2011 release you think I would love, please tell me in the comments!
Next weekend is the Newburyport Literary Festival; come back Thursday for more details about what's going on, and next week for a full wrap-up.

And it's Easter! I love Easter. Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it. It's such a great family holiday. We'll be at my in-laws having lamb and cheesecake with family and friends. I'm anticipating an awesome day and I hope everyone has a great day, no matter what you're up to.

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