Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Salon - My Own Boston BEA

I hope those of you in the U.S. are having a nice holiday weekend and enjoying some good weather- it's very nice here in New England, with some much-needed sunshine and warm weather. I'm thoroughly enjoying my three day weekend!

It's been quite a week; while some of you were at BEA in New York, I had a little mini Book Expo of my own. Tuesday night I attended a reading by British author China Miéville thanks to Harvard Book Store; he gave a great performance in support of his new book Embassytown- and with him, it really is a performance. There were so many memorable moments and quotable quotes. For example, every time someone prefaced a question with "I haven't read The City and The City yet but..." he would say "you should read it, it's awesome." He talked about some of the philosophical themes in his new book and in The City, and talked about the "thousands" of emails he gets every time he "defeats" someone according to the website Could They Beat-Up China Miéville?" (And I love how that site found a hugely pugnacious-looking photo of Miéville, who is actually a really, really nice person.)
Here's a really grainy picture of me with him during the signing. I had him sign my husband's book to Boston Bibliophile and he actually remembered meeting me two years ago at his last Harvard Book Store appearance!

The next night, Wednesday, brought me to a reading by the charming and incredibly smart Holly LeCraw, in support of the paperback release of her great book, The Swimming Pool, at Newtonville Books, also a wonderful independent bookstore. Holly was gracious enough to let me interview her here on my blog earlier this year, and I have to say it was a real pleasure to meet her in person. She read with author Sarah Gardner Borden; both were excellent, and Holly even gave us a sneak preview of her as-yet-untitled next novel.
That's Holly after we got to chat for a few minutes about the books we're enjoying right now. She's re-reading The English Patient, one of my personal favorites, in anticipation of Michael Ondaatje's new book and his visit to Boston this fall.

Then later in the week I got in some good book shopping at some of my favorite stores, like Raven Used Books in Harvard Square, Rodney's in Central Square and Lorem Ipsum in the Inman Square neighborhood of Cambridge as well as  Pazzo Books and Seek Books in West Roxbury.  I found some unexpected treasures in each! I love all our local used bookstores.

So maybe I didn't get to BEA but I had a great bookish week.

And- here's something. If you're in the Boston area, I will be appearing alongside several area bloggers to talk about some of our favorite books for summer reading, at an event hosted by Porter Square Books of Cambridge. The event is this Friday, June 3, at 7pm. The event will last about an hour and we'll be around to chat afterwards. There is a display up at the store now with our choices if you want to do some early shopping! I hope to see you there!