Friday, May 27, 2011

Armchair BEA: My Favorite Blogging and Bookish Events

On this, the final day of Armchair BEA, the focus is on the book-blogging world. In New York many of my fellow book bloggers are attending Book Blogger Con; I attended BBC last year along with a number of other blog- and book-related events:
  • ALA Midwinter was held in Boston, and as a librarian I attended not only the exhibits but some sessions as well,
  • The New England branch of the Association of Jewish Libraries held its annual meeting in June and I gave a talk there on upcoming books for summer and fall, and
  • I attended the New England Independent Booksellers' Association conference in the fall along with
  • The Boston Book Festival, a public event celebrating books and reading.
ALA Midwinter wasn't in Boston this year and I had to pass on NEAJL due to conflicts with work but I did get to the Newburyport Literary Festival, where three other bloggers and I appeared on panel to talk about- guess- book blogging. I try to make it to rare book shows and sales when I can, too, and go to readings and signings as often as I can.

But how do these events impact my blog? Well, all of them help keep me up to date with the latest books and celebrated authors and offer the opportunity to spend time with friends and network with book-industry professionals. And there are books either for sale or giveaway at all of these events, too. But of course above and beyond all of that they keep my enthusiasm for books and the book industry high, and they recharge my batteries when I get book fatigue. (Yes, it does happen!) The library industry events help remind me what got me into all this in the first place- my own role as a book professional- and help keep me excited about all the library world has to offer.

What about you? What book events take place in your area each year? What are your favorites? Have you been able to participate directly, as a speaker or a volunteer? What's your favorite part about attending?


Sandy Nawrot said...

You always seem so busy and involved in things! Last October, I attended SIBA for the very first time and yes, talk about recharging! I needed that...sometimes I question why I am doing all of this to myself! And then a couple of months ago, we had a local book fesitval at UCF that was excellent. I am thrilled to be a part of the grass roots of the thing. One day, I will get my butt to BEA.

Kristi said...

This is wonderful to know, as I have not been able to get to as many book events as I would like. (I KNOW I am less than an hour from Boston!)

It has been great to get to know you better this week at Armchair BEA!

Kathleen said...

There are so many book events in my area but they are all about 40 minutes north of me in San Francisco. I really need to take the train up and attend more of them. I just can't face 3 hours roundtrip in the car after work! I used to attend the LA Times Book Festival but now it is always when I have to be in Germany for work. One of these days my bookish outings are going to take a priority over other things! Ha!