Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Finds: Two New Releases and a Classic

Yvette Edwards' Booker-nominated A Cupboard Full of Coats came unexpectedly this week; this is about an adult woman haunted by her mother's murder fourteen years earlier. I'm so excited to have received this!
Hillary Jordan, the award-winning author of Mudbound, has a new novel out in October from Algonquin, When She Woke, a dystopian take on The Scarlet Letter. I'm interested to read her second novel after having a mixed reaction to her first.
Finally, one of my blogging friends, Enrique Freeque, recommended One Day of Life, a classic novel by Manilo Argueta set in El Salvador and focusing on political strife there. Argueta is a well-known poet and the book is supposed to beautifully written. Also, you should check out E.F.'s very cool blog, Enrique Freeque Reads.

So that's it! A slow but good week for books. And I'm weeding again, so I should be able to find room on the shelves for these, though I think none of them will be on the TBR pile for long!

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