Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Salon: Reading the Summer Away

So how's Science Fiction Month going? Let's see:
  • How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe, by Charles Yu (finished),
  • Song of Time, by Ian R. MacLeod, (finished)
  • The Wind-up Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi (DNF),
  • Big Machine, by Victor Lavalle,
  • The Alchemy of Stone, by Ekaterina Sedia, 
  • Yellow Blue Tibia, by Adam Roberts,
  • The Stone Gods, by Jeannette Winterson (finished), and
  • Embassytown, by China MiĆ©ville (reading now)
In other words, I'm making some progress but I won't finish them all. The important thing is, I've made a dent! I hope to have time to squeeze in one more book this month but in a way I hope I don't,  because it's going to be so hard to choose.

I want to also tell you about a great movie that's out now, La Rafle (the link is to the review on my movie blog). It's a nonfictional account of the Vel d'Hiv roundup of French Jews detailed fictionally in the hit book Sarah's Key. It's a wonderful movie and I encourage you all to go see it if it's playing in your area or add it to your DVD queue if it's not. The distributor, Menemsha Films, invited me to a pre-release screening a couple of weeks ago; I'm glad I can finally tell you about it!

Today I'm enjoying Embassytown and plan to spend as much time as possible reading it! No other plans, except maybe a workout this morning. Our car is in the shop so I'll be sticking close to home; maybe we'll head into the Square for some dinner or dessert- anything's possible, but it's going to be a laid-back day. What are you up to today? I hope you have a great Sunday.