Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Salon: August's Accomplishments, September's Goals

When the clock struck midnight, September 1, I'd met most of my reading goals for the month but not all of them. I'm enrolled in four challenges this year; The Art of the Novella Challenge was just running for the month of August but the rest are year-long. My progress:

Art of the Novella: Goal: 6 books. Read: 6 books. Met my goal.
Europa Challenge: Goal: 14 for the year, 2 per month. Read this month: 2. Met goal for the month; on track for the year.
Complete Booker Challenge: 12 winners for the year, 1 per month. Read this month: 0. As of September I'll be 3 behind for the year. Boo.
Ireland Reading Challenge: Goal is 6 for the year. Read so far: 5. On track to meet goal.

I have no specific plans about how to finish the Ireland Reading Challenge but there are plenty of Irish books in my TBR and I'm confident I'll find something. I could always read Roddy Doyle's Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, which would also qualify for the Complete Booker. I have another Irish Europa Editions book, too, so there are lots of options.

I'm frustrated about having fallen behind on the Complete Booker but I'll do my best to catch up. It's that darn Naipaul book that threw me. Oh well. And here I thought it would be an easy one because it's short. Turns out it's darn-near unreadably boring, too. But I won't let it defeat me.

As for September, I'm going to continue my challenges and continue reading through my stash. I'm less worried these days about keeping up with new releases and buzz books, and more interested in my own interests. Today I'm reading Christopher Priest's Inverted World, a science fiction type book about a devastated Earth and a city on rails. He's kind of a genius. I think literary fiction readers wanting to dabble in scifi should really check him out. He has a new book out this month, The Islanders, which I'm trying to get a hold of though it doesn't have a U.S. publisher yet. Thank goodness for Powells.

What are you looking forward to reading this fall? Have a great Sunday!

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