Friday, October 21, 2011

Four Finds for Friday

The Great Northern Express, a writing memoir due out in the spring from author Howard Frank Mosher, and Walking to Gatlinburg, his recent novel, came from a publisher-rep friend who wants me to get to know this author better. So I will!

Have you read Howard Frank Mosher? What do you think of his work?

I attended the Boston Book Festival last weekend and had a great time; among other things, I spent some time browsing the publisher stalls and who did I find but one of my favorite small presses, Melville House! I came home with two books from them too:
Faithful Ruslan, by Georgi Vladimov, is part of their Neversink Library series, a series which aims to bring back overlooked classics; this book is about the Soviet prison system and the dogs that worked with the prison guards.
He Died with His Eyes Open, by Derek Raymond, is a crime novel that came highly recommended by the Melville House folks at the festival. How could I say no?

What's new on your shelf this week? Have a great day. More Friday Finds at