Monday, October 3, 2011

Mailbox Monday!

It's time to review the things I've received in the mail over the past week.
Some great things arrived!

I'm very excited about The Nun, by Simonetta Agnello Hornby, a novel about an Italian cloister, which arrived from Europa Editions. It's coming out in late December and was on my Europa list even before it showed up by surprise.
Demons of the Blank Page is novelist Roland Merullo's guide to writing. I'm reading it now; it's very laid-back and interesting. I'm savoring it by reading one short chapter a day.
The Beauty and the Sorrow, by Peter Englund, is a history of World War 1 coming soon from Random House. I just couldn't say no when I got the pitch for this fascinating-looking volume.
Finally, Leaving the Atocha Station by Ben Lerner was a giveaway win from Emma at Words and Peace, part of BBAW. Thanks Emma! :-)