Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Salon- It's Fair Time!

So it's fall, and that means fairs. We meant to go to King Richard's Faire yesterday, a local legendary Renaissance fair, but our plans got rained out and we're going to save that for another weekend soon. Today we're off to the Topsfield Fair, in Topsfield, Mass., the oldest agricultural fair in Massachusetts if not the country.
That's the sand castle from 2006; every year they make a new one and it's always fun to watch it as it's sculpted. The fair includes displays of flowers, produce, farm animals of all kinds, musical performances, games, rides, lots (lots and lots) of food of every description, crafts, and more and more and more. It's such a good time. I've been going pretty much every year of my life! (But, obviously, I haven't photographed the sandcastle in five years.)

There are pumpkin-decorating contests for kids, 4-H stuff, beautiful quilts- enough fun to last all day. And that's pretty much all I'll be doing today.

Reading? Maybe, when we get home. I'm deep into Amitav Ghosh's amazing River of Smoke, which has lived up to my expectations 100%. It's a deeply engrossing 19th-century-style epic about Asia East and South. I have so much to say about it already and I'm only 1/3 of the way in. Seriously if you are a literary fiction reader Amitav Ghosh needs to be on your personal Must List. I wish every book were this good! I'm also working my way through Aravind Adiga's short story collection Between the Assassinations but let's be honest- it's about Ghosh right now.

What are you up to this fine day? Whatever it is, I hope it's great. More Sunday Salon here.