Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Salon- OMG It's Christmas

So this is my first experience working retail during the holidays; I think yesterday was the busiest day we've had so far and it was absolutely non-stop. I was thrilled to see so many people come out to support a local independent bookstore, and buying so much stuff. Lots of customers are new to the store, which is also wonderful, and everyone is very excited about the changes coming up. The store is a 30,000 square foot space with incalculable shelf inches of thousands upon thousands of books, double-stacked and overstacked and piled up in the back. And we've been busy.

But today? Today is a day off. My husband is cooking breakfast as I type this and then we're going out to the movies this afternoon to see It's a Wonderful Life for the 21st year in a row at a small theater in my neighborhood. I can't wait.

I've been stuck on the same three books for several weeks now, though I did finish one this week, The Hare With Amber Eyes, by Edmund de Waal. I'll have a full review soon but the short version is, it's solid and engaging and most people will enjoy it. It's positively flying off the shelves at the store; it seems like almost as soon as we open a box they're gone.

Next I'm not sure what I'm going to read. I'd like to find a quiet evening to dip into The Sense of an Ending, and I'd like to pick one of my quirky books out of my piles, maybe The Inquisitory. Since I ran the series on Dalkey Archive last week I've received a number of offers to do similar series with other small presses so stay tuned for more Publishers Spotlights in the coming months.

In the mean time I'll be doing my 2011 summary soon (probably after Christmas) and my top 10 list as well. It's been another great year for books and reading, for sure!

What are you up to today? Holiday shopping? Don't forget my holiday gift guide if you need some last-minute ideas. Just relaxing? Whatever it is, have a great one. More Sunday Salon here.