Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Salon- A Day of Rest and Activity

So today my husband and I are finally putting Christmas away! He got the boxes down from the attic yesterday and today we're going to un-decorate the tree and put all the gewgaws and nicknacks back in their containers, and even, maybe, take the tree itself down. It's a fake tree so it doesn't get dried out or anything but it's funny how after a certain point after Christmas I just stop noticing it's all even there, despite the huge amount of real estate it all takes up.

If you stopped by on Friday you know I got a couple of great-looking books from Capuchin Classics; I started reading the Stephen Benatar book the other day and I'm enjoying it. It's about the strange relationship between a brother and sister and the widowed wife of their brother. Starting off with a bizarre obituary about the two women, we go back in time and launch into an extended narrative about the long history these people share. The book is told largely in dialogue which gives the reader an opportunity to see these characters from the inside out.

I'm also reading Running the Rift, by Naomi Benaron, about a boy growing up in Rwanda at the time of the recent genocide in that country. I'm enjoying it as well; I've been hearing so many wonderful things about it from my fellow bloggers lately, I finally decided I needed to pick it up and read it.

And so today I'm going to try to get some r&r in, maybe a trip to a coffeeshop or a bookstore or a bookstore that serves coffee (two great things that go great together) and pore over my books, but there will be some chores and errands mixed in, too. What are you up to today? I hope you have a great Sunday.

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