Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Finds- Finding A Few

Another light week in book acquisitions, which is fine. I got a couple of books in the mail but I'm still not buying a whole lot for the time being.

Frank Delaney's latest The Last Storyteller arrived for review. It's even a signed copy! I was a huge fan of Venetia Kelly's Travelling Show though I didn't quite succeed in finishing its sequel, The Matchmaker of Kenmare. The Last Storyteller is the third and final chapter in the story of Ben MacCarthy and his search for his elusive wife Venetia.

You Are Not Like Other Mothers is an opus coming in April from Europa Editions, written by German author Angelika Schrobsdorff:
When still a young woman, Else made two promises to herself: to live life to the fullest, and to have a child with every man she loves. So here, too, are the stories of Fritz, Hans, and Erich- husbands, companions, lovers, and emissaries of a world in which mean repeatedly prove inadequate. Here are the stories of Peter, Bettina, and Angelika, Else's three children, born to three different fathers. Here, too, is World War I, then the roaring are are the ominous 1930s and the advent of Nazism, the dreadful racial laws, and for Else, a Jew estranged from her heritage, exile in Bulgaria...But Else will make a fatal mistake...
The blurb is longer (the book is a brick, too) but you get the idea. Sounds great, yes?

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