Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Finds - Italian Edition (Sort Of)

So if all goes to plan, my husband and I are going with my inlaws on a trip to Italy this coming fall. Rome is definitely on the agenda; other destinations are TBD but for now I got a couple of travel guides and this literary history of the eternal city. If you've been to Rome and have a "must do" to share, I'd love to know!

Coincidentally, my other two finds this week are from my favorite Italian publisher, Europa Editions, though they are not as such Italian books. Boot Tracks by Matthew E. Jones is a crime thriller; Europa Editions call it "A commanding, stylishly written novel that tells the harrowing story of an assassination gone terribly wrong and the man and woman who are taking their last chance to find a safe place in a hostile world."

I also picked up the recent rave These Dreams of You, by Steve Erickson. Folks on the Europa Challenge blog and LibraryThing have been talking up a storm about this unusual, unconventional novel and I thought it was about time I checked it out!

That's it for me this week. Do you have a favorite book about Italy or by an Italian writer? I'd love to know, and I'd love to know what you found, too!

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