Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Salon- Ch-Ch-Changes

I'm back, for now. My break was great- it gave me time to think and time to rest. I also pre-scheduled a bunch of posts for the next couple of weeks, so I guess that means I've extended it. Anyway along with changing the look and layout of my blog, I'm making some other changes too.

Over the past couple of years I've fallen into a rut when it came to posting- two book reviews a week, maybe something else, several memes and rare features and interviews.  I want to start doing Saturday Snapshots to inject a little more personal life into the blog from a different perspective, but otherwise I won't be doing any memes on a regular basis. There will be an occasional Friday Finds or Sunday Salon if I have something special I want to tell you about. I'm also going to start including movie reviews here once in a while- not every movie I see, but just stuff that fits alongside my book reviews, and there will be more quick, Tumblr-style content as well. Finally, I'm working on a self-paced social media course that will require occasional posts here, so you'll see those once in a while.

Speaking of book reviews, that's the only thing that will stay the same. I'll continue to review books and give you my unvarnished opinions. I won't review every book I read; sometimes I just have nothing to say. And I won't review books by authors who are appearing at the store where I work now, or books by people I meet at work events. Otherwise my review policy will remain unchanged.

I've started working at another independent bookstore, one that I think will be a really good fit for me and where I hope to stay for a long time, and my involvement in the local book scene may change or become more limited. But I'll be here, off and on, and at the store, so drop by if you want to know what's going on.

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