Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Salon- Labor Day Means No Labor For Me

Well I'm happy to say I'm enjoying Labor Day Weekend by doing no labor. I have the whole three day weekend off, which is something of a miracle! Yesterday my big plan was to get my hair cut; today, we may go to the beach and play skeeball at an amusement park and tomorrow there might be a visit to a coffee shop and a croissant to eat. That's about it.

Here are my cats Tanya and Pandora doing what I'd like to be doing this weekend!

The past week was average-busy for me; the bookstore has been slowish during August, but you can already tell that's about to change. My new staff pick will go up soon if it hasn't already; it's Stella Gibbons' Cold Comfort Farm, which I reviewed here last week.

Like everyone else, it seems like the summer has ended really quickly. This weekend was the annual Santa Lucia Festival in my neighborhood, a small street fair centered on a tiny chapel in a residential neighborhood. The chapel seats maybe 30 people; the fair has food and live music and it's come to represent the end of summer for me, always bittersweet. After a typical work schedule this week Jeff and I are headed to King Richard's Faire next weekend; should be fun. We went to a Renaissance fair last year and enjoyed it, and I think we'll enjoy this one too.

Reading-wise, I finished I Hadn't Understood by Diego de Silva and started Elza's Kitchen by Marc Fitten; I read his first book Valeria's Last Stand a while back and liked it. With I Hadn't Understood I've now finished by 12-book commitment to the Europa Challenge but I'm sure I'll read more. I have a ton of unread Europas waiting for me and I can't stop buying their books. There are lots of great challenges out there but that seems to be the only one I can stick to!

I'm tempted to do a Fall Books Part 2 post sometime soon, with more mainstream titles I'm looking forward to (my first post was very small-press-heavy). What do you think? Enough already with the fall books or do you want to hear more?

Have a great Sunday. More Sunday Salon here.