Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Salon- Busy!!

Well I had a great first week back at work. I don't work full time so "a work week" for me is light lifting for most people, I realize, but still. I had a cappuccino on the first morning to pull a little bit of my trip in with me, but I know I'm home now. It's funny though how I notice things I never noticed before, like how the place I go for a slice of pizza in Harvard Square sells lemon and blood-orange soda, not just the Orangina I always drink, or how the supermarket has blood orange soda too. The first thing I fell in love with about Italy was blood orange juice, on the plane. The flight attendant handed me a glass of this reddish juice and after one sip I was like, where have you been all my life?

Yesterday was my husband's 40th birthday and we celebrated in quiet style. We spent the day at Fun Spot, the largest indoor arcade in America, and took an unexpected and delightful side trip to Keepsake Quilting, one of the largest quilt shops in America. Fun Spot was loaded with video games and amusements, a bowling alley and skeeball, among other things. We happily plunked token after token into PacMan, Centipede, Frogger, Star Wars, driving games, Q-Bert and lots and lots of skeeball. It was our first time but we'll be back, with friends next time!

I'm almost finished reading The Forgiven, by Lawrence Osborne, a new novel from Hogarth Press, a new Random House imprint, about what happens when a British couple runs over a Moroccan boy on their way to a fancy-pants party in the desert. It's also about a collision of cultures, deep and prehistoric prejudice, distrust and disdain on all sides, and more. I've got like five books going now- I'm trying to finish The Twelve, I'm finishing The Forgiven, and I'm in the thick of Italy:A Short History, My Brilliant Friend and my bedside book, Travels in Siberia. On deck are Cloud Atlas and Witches on the Road Tonight, my Halloween read, if I get to it in time!

Today after work I'm headed to a quilt show where a friend is exhibiting, and then to a family party for a few folks who have October birthdays. More cake!

What are you up to today? Have a great Sunday whatever it is but I hope you let me know in the comments. More Sunday Salon on Facebook.