Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Whew! Participating in this meme, I feel pressured to get books finished up each week so I have something new to tell you. Last week I finished The Suitors and My Traitor's Heart, and decided to put The Secret History of MI6 aside. This week I have three new ones started.

In a Strange Room, by Damon Galgut, is about a man's adventures as he travels alone and with companions. I picked it up because I'm interested in reading more South African authors and because I need to start making tracks on the 2013 Europa Challenge. So far I'm really enjoying this moody, spare novel.

Ratlines, by Stuart Neville, is a new crime novel set in 1960s Ireland, about an ex-Nazi found murdered. I'm learning some about what went on in Ireland during World War 2. Officially Ireland was neutral but that doesn't mean they weren't involved. Fascinating, and a great book to boot.

Jacob's Folly, by Rebecca Miller, is an ARC I'm borrowing from work. Due out in March, it's about a Jewish peddler who lives and dies in 18th century France and is then reincarnated as a fly in the present day, where he influences the lives of several people. I love the blend of historical novel with present-day narratives. It's so creative and different!

I'm also picking my way though the graphic novel adaptation of Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner. It's OK. I'll probably like the real book better.  :-)

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