Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Salon- Trying to Get Back in the Swing

So as you can probably tell, 2013 has not started off well for me in blogging! Reviews have been few and spotty, and last week was like Unofficial Meme Week here, never a good sign. For the time being I'm going to put myself on a regular blogging schedule, starting with a return to Sunday Salon. It's good for my blogging soul to have deadlines and concrete expectations for myself, so there you go.

Offline I've been slowly getting back to "regular time." The Christmas decorations are coming down this weekend for one thing. Our house is pretty much fully decked out from Thanksgiving to New Year's, which means that taking it all down can seem like an onerous task. But it goes down the same way it went up- little by little. First the Christmas village, then the Santa and reindeer over the fireplace, and so forth.

I'm also trying to sort out my reading goals for 2013. I stated my explicit goals and those are helping shape my choices but I never seem to want to do what I "have" to! There are, sad to say, not many 2013 releases I'm dying for, save Margaret Atwood's new book coming in the fall. I have a few galleys to be sure, and I'll get to those just because there aren't that many of them. Otherwise I think this is going to be Year of the Backlist. For the past couple of years I've read around 30 new releases; I expect that number to be substantially smaller this year, and I'm OK with that. What counts is that I keep reading!

What about you? How are the early days of 2013 treating you, in and out of the pages?

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