Friday, March 15, 2013

Crafturday: A Passport Wallet

I made a passport wallet for my upcoming trip to Ireland, based on a pattern I figured out myself. The button came from a vintage store near my home and I used a regular hair elastic to close it. Here's the inside:

These pictures aren't the best, but what I have is two horizontal pockets on the left that can either fit two more passports or boarding passes and/or other paperwork, and one vertical pocket on the right for a passport or what-have-you. This is the third one I made; like Goldilocks, the first was too small by just a smidge, the second was too big and the third is just right!

I'm thinking of adding this to my Etsy shop as a custom-only item since they take a little more time than average for me to make, and lots of elements can be customized like the exact fabric choices and placement and the buttons of course. I'm planning to make a change purse and tissue holder to complete my purse accessories from the same fabric which I'm sad to say I'm running out of. I need to find more, I love it!