Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I finished Massimo Carlotto's memoir The Fugitive, which I enjoyed; I'll have a review later this week and tell you more then. I also finished Ioanna Karystiani's The Jasmine Isle, a very lyrical book that could be hard to follow at times but was worth the effort. I also decided to DNF Sarah Bakewell's How to Live.

I'm moving on to a funner nonfiction book, Jen Lancaster's Such a Pretty Fat, about her project to get into shape. I've been enjoying her books for years and decided I needed a funny book right now. I also started Massimo Carlotto's new book, At the End of a Dull Day, the sequel to my favorite of his, The Goodbye Kiss. In the new book, Giorgio Pellegrini is back and more lethal than ever as his comfortable and respectable lifestyle is threatened again. I also started Falling to Earth, by Kate Southworth, about a devastating tornado that hits the midwest in the 1920s and the one family that doesn't lose anything.

What about you? Check out for more!