Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Salon- It's Game of Thrones Time

It's been another busy week for Marie. Work and play are both keeping me hopping; I'm sewing a lot and reading a lot and just sort of feel like I'm doing everything a lot. Except exercising! My Achilles tendinitis flared up and I'm resting until it's better.

On the reading front, I picked up a copy of A Game of Thrones this weekend and have been dipping into it out of curiosity more than anything. It's okay. I like the show a lot, but I'm finding the book kind of wordy and tepid. Are you watching the show? I've been thinking about doing a recap post every week and having some discussion about it here on the blog. Might be something fun to keep us occupied. I probably won't continue with the book but I'll keep watching the show.

We're definitely getting into GoT fever at the bookstore. Sales of the books always pick up when the series is on the air and we are getting some feedback about the delay of the paperback release of A Dance with Dragons, which is now scheduled for October. I love chatting with customers and sharing their enthusiasm for the series (both the television series and the books) and I feel bad for them that they have to wait so long for the paperback release of the latest book, never mind when the sixth book in the series will be published. I think the fans are mostly just hoping he finishes soon! This series is even more fun to watch roll out than The Hunger Games was around the time of its theatrical release, because it's been such a long time coming for the fans.

What do you think? Are you a fan or have you been avoiding it? If you're into it, are you up for a discussion post here on Monday or Tuesday?

I hope you're having a great Sunday. More Sunday Salon on Facebook.