Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Monday! (Tuesday) What Are You Reading?

Well I'm lingering on my current reads and DNF'd two that weren't holding my attention. I'm loving Louis de Bernieres's Corelli's Mandolin; I feel like this is one of those "where have you been all my life?" books. Like, why have I never read this? It's amazing. I've heard the movie is pretty bad though I'll probably end up watching it anyway, just to see.

Today I'm starting Ned Beaman's The Teleportation Accident, which is not science fiction despite the title. My husband read it thinking it would be sci fi but quickly discovered it was mere literary fiction. Nonetheless he really enjoyed it and has been encouraging me to read it ever since. And since May is Recommendations Month, I can hardly say no.

Europa-wise, I'm looking forward to starting Maurizio de Giovanni's I Will Have Vengeance as soon as possible. My crime customers at the bookstore are raving about this one; I have to check it out!

My current audiobook is Ben Macintyre's Double Cross, about World War 2 double agents. It's great!

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