Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's New on the Shelf?

So I guess you could say I haven't been in much of a mood to blog lately. Just been busy, you know? But I wanted to catch up with you a little and share some recent things I've added to the shelf.

Fallen Land, the upcoming novel by Patrick Flanery (whose Absolution I adored) landed on my doorstep this week. It comes out in August and it's set in the United States this time (Absolution was about South Africa) and centers on life and death on a Midwestern farm.

I picked up David Sedaris's latest, Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls, the first day and it came out and started reading it then, too. It's a lot of fun, a mix of fiction and nonfiction with his usual wit.

Equilateral, by Ken Kalfus, is a book blending historical and science fiction that caught my eye after reading a review in Kirkus. It looks just so intriguing!

I've also received a bevy of international crime from Europa Editions lately. Maurizio de Giovanni's I Will Have Vengeance, Blood Curse and his Kirkus-starred The Crocodile all await, as well as Zane Lovitt's The Midnight Promise and Stav Sherez's A Dark Redemption. June is International Crime Month, so guess what I'll be reading? I also picked up Jane Gardam's Last Friends, the third in the Old Filth Trilogy, and started it earlier this week. It's great!

Some of my crime customers at the bookstore are giving me great feedback on the de Giovanni books so I think if you're a crime reader definitely check them out!

The most exciting thing to come my way recently is a galley of Margaret Atwood's upcoming MaddAddam, the third in her trilogy that started with Oryx & Crake and continued with The Year of the Flood. I have dipped into it and I can't wait to find a time to really do a belly flop. MaddAddam comes out in September.

What's new on your shelf? I've been just as bad about reading blogs as I have about writing, so let me know!


Harvee said...

Ilike Stav Sherez and did not know he has a new book out. Have to get my hands on one! Nice mailbox.

JaneGS said...

Equilateral really sounds interesting. I still haven't read anything by Margaret Atwood, but I'm getting closer.

Enjoy your books.

Andi said...

I can't wait to get hold of Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls. Looks wonderful.

Shannon @ River City Reading said...

I've been dying to read Fallen Land. I really hope you post your thoughts on it!

I read and reviewed Equilateral before it came out. It's a really brilliant blend of history and science, but the best part of it is it's overt social commentary. I really enjoyed reading it.

Jeanne said...

I loved the new Sedaris book. I wonder if you would be interested in the new Lionel Shriver book I reviewed this week, Big Brother.