Monday, June 24, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Last week I finished three books- two I'd been reading slowly for what seems like a very long time, and one that I just started last week.

The Teleportation Accident, by Ned Beauman, and Equal Danger, by Leonardo Sciascia, were the two longer reads; Equal Danger is a short book (about 120 pages) but it reads very, very slowly. The Teleportation Accident was a book my husband recommended and while I enjoyed it, it just wasn't a page-turner for me. My quicker read was the delightful The Coroner's Lunch, by Colin Cotterill, and I definitely have to read more in this series because I'm head over heels in love with Dr. Siri and his band of misfit sleuths.

This weekend I started Stav Sherez's very-good-indeed A Dark Redemption, set alternately in London and Africa, the present and the past. An aspiring musician goes on a post-graduation trip with his buddies that goes horribly awry, and then years later he's a detective investigating a murder that may be related. Sherez seems like he's channeling Derek Raymond both in the quality of his writing and in the social conscience he brings to the work. I love it when crime novels are more than procedurals and read like fully-realized works of literature.

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