Saturday, July 20, 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 2

I saw this meme on Magical Doorways, a new-to-me book blog written by the very cool blogger and all-around book person Helen. She's great and I love her blog, so I decided to crib this meme which originally came from
It's a 15-day series but I will do them on a now-and-then basis. 
Day 2's topic: What's your bedtime reading ritual?
I keep a nonfiction book by my bedside for bedtime reading; I read one chapter a night. That's it. I don't read more than that; it's usually just enough so that I'm tired enough to sleep by the time I'm done. If the chapter is longer than 20 or so pages I'll just read until I feel like stopping but I try to end each night's reading at the end of a chapter. I don't read in bed every day so when I do I like to stop at a good stopping point so to speak.