Saturday, September 21, 2013

Margaret Atwood Event & Store Signing, Oh My!

Margaret Atwood reading at the First Church, Cambridge, on September 19 from her book MaddAddam. Which is really great, by the way.

A blurry picture of yours truly with Ms. Atwood after the reading and after she signed the two totes of books I brought. Yay!

 Ms. Atwood is a big fan of the IgNobel Prize! Here she is with Marc Abrahams, the award's founder. And that's my husband taking a picture of them from the other side. (Jeff is Marc's lawyer and introduced them!) I think it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The following day, Ms. Atwood stopped by Porter Square Books to sign some stock! We were so delighted to have her visiting the store.

And here she is signing with our Canadian bookseller and Atwood Super Fan, Megan (the other woman in the photo is Lynn, Ms. Atwood's Random House publicist). A customer who happened to be a big fan of hers happened to be sitting at the table with us and was so thrilled to meet her favorite writer too! Wow!