Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Salon: No More Looking Back

Well, the last Christmas cookie has been eaten and the tree and the decorations will soon go away, probably by the next Sunday Salon. For today we're still relaxing amid the chaos of it all and savoring the last days of the holiday season. But it is definitely the new year, both on the calendar and in my state of mind. Last week's blizzard certainly knocked us into the present! We got about a foot of snow and stayed in for about 24 hours to let it settle out. I didn't end up missing work, which was good, and my Friday night shift was actually a little busy as folks ventured out.

This week I have some fun stuff to look forward to, first and foremost being a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for the John Sargeant exhibit. I really love the MFA but don't go often at all because it's so expensive these days- $25 a pop. Ouch!

I read an article about the likeability factor when it comes to characters in fiction, particularly women, Not Here to Make Friends. Last night my husband and I watched "World's End," the latest Simon Pegg movie, about a group of middle-aged friends who get together for the pub crawl of a lifetime only to have it derailed by an alien robot invasion and it occurred to me that Pegg's character, a highly dysfunctional loser, could never be portrayed by a woman, and yet how interesting it would be if he were. For one thing she would have to end the movie married and pregnant, not simply sobered up and content. But maybe that's not a conversation for today. Or is it? What do you think?

Sunday Salon is over on Facebook nowadays. Happy Sunday!