Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Salon

Another Sunday, and it's raining in NYC, rainy and cold, the perfect stay-inside-and-read day. We had a busy-for-us week last week and the restful, quiet weekend has been a blessing.

I've already broken my pledge to read or weed 10 books before buying my next one, but the book I did buy was for a reading group/class I'm taking on crime fiction, so I'm giving myself a pass.  The book is A Man's Head by Georges Simenon, a short book I'll probably finish tomorrow, and I will be borrowing the next book in the class. After that I'll be borrowing as many of the remaining titles as I can, but with less than a week to read the first book I didn't have time to scrounge up a borrowed copy from this place or that, and the book was easy to find and inexpensive, so there.

I also bought a travel book as my husband and I are in the early stages of planning some time on the west coast later this year. That doesn't count either.

I had kind of a busy-for-me week, with my husband's work outing (dinner and a Broadway show) and a weeknight movie, and acupuncture volunteering and other things. Just being back in NYC from a week in Boston takes adjustment! And I started putting away Christmas decorations. We have a fake tree so there is never a hurry to put that away, but I do a lot of decorating. It takes time to put it all away!

This week should be quieter and I'm looking forward to spending some nice time with my books!