Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My New Home of Books Part One: The Reading Nook

One of the greatest pleasures of setting up my new home has been establishing a real reading nook for the first time.

Believe it or not, I am not a big one for reading at home. Most of the time I read on the train, or in a coffeeshop, or in a waiting room. Curling up on the sofa is nice but it makes me sleepy. And there always seem to be so many distractions- housework, the cats, sewing. And, to be perfectly honest, I can concentrate better when there is more noise around rather than less.

So when we moved into our new place I was determined to set up a great space for reading. I found a corner in the second bedroom that became my sewing room, and I think I've hit on the right formula.

First up, a comfy chair that isn't too comfy- I can stretch out and it has great back support so I don't automatically fall asleep.  The pillows help keep me sitting up straight.

Next up, a small bookcase for my current read, a few magazines and the world's cutest mug rug for my cup of coffee. I won this in a swap at my quilt guild's spring retreat. Adorbs!

I also keep my Kobo tablet nearby so I can put on one of my favorite Pandora stations to keep my brain focused. I prefer to read to The Smiths or classical guitar.

Then there's the bookcase with its huge selection of TBR books, including a separate shelf for nonfiction so I can easily grab that next bedside or gymbag read.

See? No end to the choices here and yes that shelf is double-stacked. Never let it be said I don't support my local booksellers.

What does your reading nook look like? What do you dream of when you dream of the perfect space to read? I think if I could have anything, I'd have the coffeemaker right next to me and a rack of mugs but that's it. This space is pretty perfect!