Thursday, July 6, 2017

What Goes Through Your Head When You Enter a Bookstore?

Barnes & Noble published this fun list on their website: 23 Things We Think Upon Entering a Bookstore.

I think some of these things; I also think other things. Some of the things I think are:

  • That instant sense of calm when I walk in. That instant sense of "this is for me, these are my people and this is where I belong."
  • Where are the new releases? I have to go straight there and see what's out that I don't know about, and that I'm excited about.
  • Staff picks! I love staff picks because it's fun to see what other book nerds love to read.
  • What kinds of issues do they spotlight in nonfiction? This can be a great way to get a bead on a bookstore's (and a community's) interests and priorities.
  • Hello, fellow bookseller! Bookstores with friendly booksellers get follow-up visits from Marie.
  • Hopefully they have a café. I love bookstore cafés. And hopefully I can find a seat. Bonus points for ginger lemonade.
  • Look at all paperback pretties. A good bookstore always has a great table of new and favorite paperbacks.
  • Oh, there's that book I want. And that other one. And that other one.
  • I swear I won't buy anything today. I mean I don't have to buy a book EVERY time I go. But I should support indie bookstores... it's my duty...
  • That's a cool tote bag. But I don't need another totebag. Oh, you're going to give me one cause I just dropped a bundle in your store? Well, if you insist.
  • Same for tee shirts. That one has a picture of a book on it! Sold.
  • I could get it at the library, but I could do a lot of things.
You get the idea. What do you think in a bookstore?


Melissa said...

The first thing that happens to me isn't a thought necessarily - it's a feeling. I feel myself just relax and it's like "ahhhhhhh." Then I think: Gosh all the books!!! New books smell good! I heard about THAT book. Weird cover but interesting premise. Ooooh what book are they looking at?

I go straight to staff picks too especially at my independent bookstore. They have the BEST books there, IMO because these are people that love what they do and are excited to talk about what they love.

Alexia561 said...

Love your thoughts of what goes through your head when you go into a bookstore! I always get a sense of belonging too. Love my bookstores! And staff picks? They're the best! I love checking out the bargain sections, especially the blank journals. I can never leave a bookstore without a new journal. Well, I could I guess, but have never tried! ;)

Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such...