Wednesday, June 25, 2008

REVIEW: The Marriage of True Minds, by Stephen Evans

The Marriage of True Minds, by Stephen Evans. Published May 2008 by Unbridled Books. Paperback.

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The Marriage of True Minds is a romantic-comedy movie just waiting to be made. A slapstick trifle, I see it starring Ashley Judd as the beautiful, smart-as-a-whip attorney Lena, whose insane ex-husband Nick has been released from a mental institution into her custody. I could see Nick played by David Boreanaz, a good looking actor who can play goofy as well as intelligent. (And he'd look cute next to my girl Ashley.) Nick and Lena married and practiced law together until Nick's mental instabilities surfaced and he was arrested for placing live lobsters in the mayor's swimming pool. 100 of them. Now Lena is on her own again, dating a stuffed shirt named Preston and trying her best to look after her eccentric ex.

The story picks up steam as Nick starts a community-service job at an animal shelter and befriends an Irish wolfhound he names Wolfram. This relationship is an improvement for Nick as up till now his best friend is a puppet he calls Sancho. Things go awry when Wolfram's time at the shelter runs out and Nick doesn't want to lose his new best friend. But don't worry- the story ends in fine romantic-comedy style.

The Marriage of True Minds is a quick, fun little read. It's author Stephen Evans' first novel but his background in playwriting has given him a great ear for dialogue and a quick wit. It's definitely over the top and very silly; the only thing that bothered me was a scene about halfway through when a crateful of kittens meets a sad (but unfortunately common) fate. Immediately after I read this scene it felt kind of horrible for such a light novel but by the end I understood how it fit. The novel ends up being an argument for humane treatment of unwanted pets and some of the proceeds from the sale of the book even go to Best Friends Animal Society, a no-kill animal sanctuary in Utah. How can you say no to kitties and puppies?

Rating: BEACH

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for review from the publisher.