Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Thingers

Today's question: Cataloging sources. What cataloging sources do you use most? Any particular reason? Any idiosyncratic choices, or foreign sources, or sources you like better than others? Are you able to find most things through LT's almost 700 sources?

My answer: I use Amazon most frequently for most of the books I input. Most of my books are pretty easy-t0-find fiction, nonfiction and graphic novels, so I haven't needed too many other sources. I have like 716 works cataloged through Amazon. After that the next largest source for me is Amazon.fr, for my French books, and 16 that I entered manually, mostly zines. When I was setting up my husband's LT account I used Amazon.co.uk quite a bit for all of his British science fiction, especially his large collection of Doctor Who books. What about you?