Monday, July 28, 2008

Graphic Novel Monday: Johnny Boo, The Best Little Ghost in the World! by James Kochalka

Johnny Boo, the Best Little Ghost in the World! by James Kochalka. Published 2008 by Top Shelf Productions. Graphica.

Part two in my three-part series on all-ages comics features Johnny Boo, the Best Little Ghost in the World!, a charming little comic for kids and everyone else. Told in simple drawings colored in unshaded blocks of bright color, it's the story of little ghost Johnny Boo and his pet ghost, Squiggle, and their run-in with the Ice Cream Monster.

Children will love the bright colors and the funny plot, not to mention the burps. Parents will enjoy sharing this cute story with their little ones. Even adults not reading to a child will have fun with Johnny Boo. It's about making friends and using talent and smarts to get out of sticky situations. The Ice Cream Monster is made of silly and should not upset anyone. If I say much more, my review will be end up being longer than the book. Enjoy.

Rating: BEACH

FTC Disclosure: I did not receive this book for review from the publisher.


Alea said...

I read a little excerpt of this in a top shelf catalog. It's so cute!

tapestry100 said...

I love your Graphic Novel Mondays! I really enjoy reading graphic novels, and this is a great way to discover some new titles that I may have overlooked otherwise.

I'm also nominating you for a blog award. Stop on over to my blog to learn more!