Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Finds

This Friday finds me under a stack of August releases and some new-to-me things, too.

Notables added to my library this week include:

Second Language, a collection of short stories by writer Ronna Wineberg. The collection was runner-up in 2007 for Reform Judaism's Best Jewish Book award. I can't wait to start reading it! When she sent me a review copy, Ms. Wineberg was also kind enough to include an additional copy as a donation to the temple where I work. Thank you!

The View from Garden City, a new release this month by Carolyn Baugh, looks to be a very interesting novel which means to "[lift] the veil of privacy to explore the stunning inner strength of women torn between their dreams for the future and the sometimes harsh realities of the past and present."

Finally, because you know I can never get enough of Stalinist Russia, I finally picked up Child 44, Tom Rob Smith's Booker-longlisted novel about a missing child. I was going to wait until this came out in paperback (really I was!) but I gave in. I will read it shortly, after I get through a couple of other things. But it's definitely in the "soon" pile, as opposed to the "maybe someday" pile if you know what I mean.