Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Thingers

Today's question is only marginally about LibraryThing but I thought it might be a fun question anyway. It's more about blogging. Everyone who participates in Tuesday Thingers has a blog- some have a book blog, some have several, some have blogs that are more personal, etc.- and we've all chosen to participate in this particular way of networking to build traffic, get to know each other, etc. So my question is: what other weekly memes or round robins do you participate in? Is this the only one? Why Tuesday Thingers and not some other weekly Tuesday meme? Or do you do more than one?

Also, if you feel like you don't have enough memes, you can visit The Daily Meme for even more blogging options for different days of the week. I know- like you don't have enough to do! :-)
My answer: In addition to Tuesday Thingers, I participate in Booking Through Thursday and the Sunday Salon. Three seems like a good number to me- not too many, but enough to get my blog out there and meet and interact with different groups of bloggers. There are so many though! And doing three leaves me enough other days of the week for reviews, gives me a couple of quick-hit entries per week and helps me keep my blog updated almost daily. I've been pretty faithful to all three memes since I started doing them, but I have skipped a week or two of one or the other if I've been particularly busy. Having hosted this meme, I understand how hard it is to come up with clever questions every week and I really admire those bloggers who make and keep that commitment!