Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Thingers

Today's question: Series. Do you collect any series? Do you read series books? Fantasy? Mystery? Science fiction? Religious? Other genre? Do you use the series feature in LT to help you find new books or figure out what you might be missing from a series?

My answer: The only type of series I really read is manga series, which are serialized comic novels from Japan. So far I've started about a half dozen or so: Love Hina was my first, a prime example of shonen or teenage-boy manga. It's a great silly love story and I really enjoyed it. I've also been reading Nana and Happy Mania, manga series aimed at young women, and I've started a few others that I haven't wanted to continue with for one reason or another. Kare Kano was a teen-girl manga I started and gave up on, for example. I love trying new series and different genres of manga. I subscribe to Shojo Beat, a magazine specializing in shojo manga which is aimed at teen girls. Manga series can be upwards of 20 volumes long or more, so I read them in between other things or when I'm on the bus or just need something light. Manga can be serious too but I like them as a light indulgence. I've taken a look at the series feature on LT but when it started it looked like it had a lot of errors so I haven't used it much.