Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Salon

Well this weekend is all about cleaning here at my house, so it's not really going to be about reading or doing much else!

One benefit of the cleaning has been that I've been able to reclaim some bookshelf space. In our den we have a bookcase that we've been using for random flotsam like computer cables, a toolbox, and other things-that-don't-go-anywhere-else. Well, since I do much of my reading in the den, and since lately I've been accumulating piles of books up here, my husband decided to clean off the shelves and give me a shelf for my books. Yay!

So here is my new TBR shelf:
Now, I've had this bookshelf since high school and I am absolutely thrilled that it has books on it again!

How much of a nerd am I!

What's making you feel nerdy today?