Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Salon

I've had an interesting week of reading.

I'm not finished with my book-club book (The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus, by Peter Gomes) but I'm moving along and plan to spend more time with it today. He's a liberal Protestant theologian from Harvard and I find myself nodding along with him quite a bit. Alongside him I'm reading Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik's And From There You Shall Seek, and I have to say it was interesting reading two very different Boston preachers- a liberal Protestant from Harvard and an Orthodox rabbi who founded a well-known day school- alongside each other. It's like having my own personal comparative-religion course.

I also got a good start reading Someone to Run With by David Grossman, an Israeli novel about an Arab boy and a Jewish girl who I believe will strike up some sort of relationship based on their mutual love of a dog. I'm leading a book club discussion group on the book in March and enjoying it quite a bit. I also think it will make great discussion material.