Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Book Buddy!

I have a new best friend- the Book Buddy II.

The Book Buddy II is a cool little accessory for readers- basically, a pillow with some ribbons attached to hold down the covers of your book. It's made by Reading Comfort, and I just love it.

The thing about reading as a hobby is that you don't really need any accoutrements- just you and the book. And maybe a light, or a blanket, or a cup of tea. But basically, it's just you and the book.

But the nice thing about the Book Buddy is that it makes reading that little bit more comfortable. Cozier. It moves the book closer to your face, nice if your eyes are tired. It fits nicely in my lap, it's nicely plumped and it makes it easier for me to read sitting with good posture. And it's pretty. Here's how it works:

Slip one of the vertical ribbons over one cover, then the second ribbon over the other, and you read. It's as simple as that. If you want to use the Book Buddy as a writing desk, you can use the clear acrylic table that comes with it by hooking the diagonal ribbons around its edges. The ribbons are adjustable and I found that Book Buddy works best with hardcovers or trade-sized paperbacks. It didn't handle mass market paperbacks quite as well.

It's also pretty and comes in attractive fabrics (the company also sells blankets to match and other accessories as well).

Here you can see my husband enjoying the Book Buddy II. I think lots of people would like having a Book Buddy; I'd love to get one for my patrons, especially some folks who come in to read for extended periods. It would be such a nice, homey touch for the library, and it certainly helps provide a little extra comfort at home.

Thanks to ReadingComfort.com and Amanda Crawford Designs for sending me a Book Buddy II to review. I use it every day!