Monday, April 20, 2009

Graphic Novel Monday: I Saw You... edited by Julia Wertz

I Saw You...; Comics Inspired by Real-Life Missed Connections, edited by Julia Wertz. Published 2009 by Three Rivers Press. Graphica. Humor.

Ever passed the time reading those "missed connections" ads on CraigsList and the like? Then you'll have fun reading this anthology of short comics by authors like Lucy Knisley (author of French Milk), Abby Denson, Jeffrey Brown, Liz Prince, and many more.

Like a lot of comics anthologies, it's great for the variety of art and writing on display- all kinds of styles from a wide range of artists and authors. The stories are quick and light- no more than three or four pages, and many one or two, covering various coffee-shop romances and mini love affairs. Wertz, of Fart Party fame, even tells a sweet little story of her own in the introduction; she also has a couple of comics in the anthology.

I had a lot of fun reading I Saw You.... Some comics are sweet and some are sad, and the book, with its share of sexual references and adult language, is definitely intended for adults. Its light, short stories would be a great introduction to contemporary comics for new readers and a delightful read for those familiar with some of the artists. You might even find a new favorite or two in its pages.


FTC Disclosure: I did not receive this book for review from the publisher.
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Alea said...

OMG! I remember when she was still looking for contributions! I didn't know it was out already, must get!

Ruth King said...

I love stories like this. What a fantastic idea for a graphic novel!

Zibilee said...

Another one for my list. You always seem to find the best graphic novels for this section! I have no idea how you do it, but I'm glad you do. I really like this feature.