Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Salon

I don't know quite what today has in store, but I know I'll be baking a cake for my mother in law's birthday tomorrow, and maybe working on a crossword puzzle or something.

This past week was a blur, between some much-needed home repairs, nursing a cold and taking care of my sick cat. Actually this whole year has been a blur between one thing and the other! I have one contractor visit coming up this week, which I hope will be the last for a while.

As far as reading, my husband sorted out a bunch of his books last night and like me, has dozens of TBRs that needed organizing. He weeded out some manga that were claimed instantly when they went up on Bookmooch last night, and we found a few new Doctor Who books to add to his collection as well. I have a whole pile of books to send out in Bookmooch trades; I'll probably spend part of today packing them up.

Next week I'm starting a temporary project at a local archive- I'll be working on organizing some donations for a small internal library. It should be interesting and fun. All the bus rides back and forth will mean lots of reading time!

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