Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Salon - Back in the Saddle

After being sick for two weeks and away from home for one, I'm finally ready to get back to my normal routine starting tomorrow.

The last week on Nantucket was a lot of fun. I visited with family, shopped, slept, ate, read and played in the ocean for eight very relaxing days. We left a day early due to Hurricane Bill- on Friday it was announced that all the beaches on the island would be closed until Monday and there were rumors that boats would also be cancelled, so my husband and I were worried if we didn't leave Friday afternoon we wouldn't be able to until Monday. So we packed up and got on a boat in under and hour, then picked up our cat from boarding yesterday and have today to rest and get ready for the week. I have to do mundane things like go grocery shopping and plan out some meals for the week, and after that- reading!

I started on The Hakawati while I was away, and I'm enjoying it but it's slow going. Last night we rented "Fitzcarraldo", the Werner Herzog movie about a man who moves a steamship over a mountain in the Amazon; I wanted to see it because I have an ARC of Herzog's Conquest of the Useless, his diary about filming the movie, hanging around and I thought seeing the movie first would help me understand the book. I started to read it when I first got it several months ago but it didn't make much sense without having seen the film. And I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on! A lot!

Starting this week I'm going to really make an effort to spend more time on my sewing and crafts, too- I've been woefully neglecting them for a long time!

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