Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

So for the next five days, our regularly scheduled Boston Bibliophile programming will be put on hold as I take part for the first time in Book Blogger Appreciation Week, a week when book bloggers from all over the world take some time to show our admiration for each other.

The festivities include coordinated blog posts where folks write about similar topics each day. Today's topic is the personal blog short list- in other words, it's an opportunity to talk about our favorite blogs that didn't make the BBAW official shortlists. A tall order, since there are so many excellent blogs, and so many of my favorites were represented among those nominated for awards.

Here are some of my favorites:
And there are more. Of course there are more. How could there not be more? Just look at my blogroll. I don't read every blog every day but I do try to check in with them when I can- and I do check in with all of them from time to time. But yeah. Lots of awesome blogs and bloggers out there.