Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Salon

This Sunday is all about getting my act together for fall. Specifically, cleaning out my closet, going shopping for some new clothes and polishing my resumé. Last week I found out that due to budget and other issues, I won't be returning to the library that I've been running for the last two years. Naturally I'm disappointed, but I'm also trying to look at it as a positive and an opportunity for new adventures. So there.

What you see to the left is the current state of my TBR pile. Got to get a handle on that as well- do some weeding and reorganizing. My reading priorities may well shift with the other changes in my life!

I'm also working on posts for this week's Book Blogger Appreciation Week, including my truly awesome giveaway of a new, hardcover copy of What It Is by Lynda Barry and a selection of comics samplers. I hope all of you will enter!

As of today the voting has closed but whatever the results, I want to thank anyone who voted for me for Best Literary Fiction Blog for your support. There are lots great things coming up this week- an interview with Jenn of Bibliolatry, a fun meme and other features. I'm taking the week off from reviews and other articles, so I have more time to participate in the BBAW festivities.

And with that, off to the mall!

Have a great Sunday everyone and you can read more Sunday Salon posts here.