Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Read-a-Thon 12 PM Post

Last night I pulled a bunch of small comics and zines together to add to my Read-a-thon pile, and decided to start with those because I could knock them off quickly, then build up to the longer books for the afternoon's reading. This morning I've read:

Bombaby, by Anthony Mazzotta, a comic about a young Indian girl about to get married, who may be the incarnation of an ancient goddess,

Diary of the Black Widow, a very entertaining comic by Bret M. Herholz, about a young woman who marries and kills,

Lummox, volumes 1-3, by Dan Mazur, about an unwitting superhero,

Glister, Issue One, by Andi Watson, about a young English girl who finds a haunted teapot, and

I Feel Like a Grown-up Now, by Scott Dikkers, the last of the Jim's Journal series.

I've started on Rex Libris: I Librarian, by James Turner, and will continue after lunch.

I don't know how many pages that comes to, because some of the books aren't paginated. It's a tidy little stack though! Diary of the Black Widow was my favorite so far.