Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Salon

A rainy Sunday, and I've got a few things going on today. My book club is having a regional dinner tonight at a local church; my club is one of 12 local chapters and once a year we all get together for a meal and some time together. It should be a good time and it will take most of the day.

Yesterday my husband and I went to the New England Fan Experience, a science fiction convention that focused mainly on Star Trek and Doctor Who. It was fun, but it was the worst-organized one of these I've ever been to. He and I each had photos taken with a star from one of our favorite shows (he had his with Gareth David-Lloyd of Torchwood and I had mine with John de Lancie of Star Trek: The Next Generation) but the organizers were hours behind printing them and my husband has to go back today to get the pictures. Leonard Nimoy was there too, and the city of Boston declared yesterday Leonard Nimoy Day. I didn't get to meet him, though! But it was fun milling around, meeting some other fans and wandering through the vendor room. I got to say hi to Bettina Kurkoski, author of My Cat Loki, the first manga series I read. She also contributed to the Star Trek manga series- very cool.

Later on, we caught up with my dad, who's just back from a two-week trip to China. He went by himself and it was his first trip abroad. He had an amazing time- and came back with stacks of pictures and about 12 hours of video! We didn't get through it all last night but he showed us some souvenirs and answered all our questions. I'm sure I'll have more though!

Lots to do today- time to get started. I hope you have a great day! You can read more Sunday Salon posts here.