Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Salon

In contrast to the last few weekends, this one has been relatively quiet. Yesterday my husband and I went to the Harvard Book Store's every-now-and-then warehouse sale, where they open up their enormous storage facility to the public and sell. We went bright and early and got an armload each of fantastic books- and the best part? We paid for it all with store credit from selling some of our old stuff a couple of weeks ago. Perfect!

That's the stash- just a few things but choice, you know? I'm very happy with my finds and looking forward to reading everything!

I love going to their warehouse sales- so much good stuff so cheap. And great service- they had tons of canvas bags to carry your finds and even the owner himself was out on the floor and helped me. We bought more than what I'm showing in the picture- those are just my books. My husband got some great things and we found some gifts as well.

Last night we attended a dessert reception and tour at the newly-renovated Cambridge Public Library; it was amazing! I've been to the library several times since it reopened last month, but there were still huge parts I hadn't seen at all, like the teen room and the children's room- and they were incredible. I also got to see some of the behind the scenes staff areas and hear a lot about the construction process. Fascinating! And the chocolate pie was pretty good, too. They even gave us tote bags with chocolate-covered fortune cookies as party favors. The fortune?

"There is a book in your future." Truer words were never spoken!

But today the weather is lousy and with not-much on the agenda, I'm looking forward to a quiet day at home. Of course I say that every Sunday and then it never turns out that way, so we'll see! I'm ten pages shy of finishing Wolf Hall; afterwards, I'm on to Mathilda Savitch, I think.

What books are in your future today?