Friday, January 8, 2010

Unfinished Friday

Any unfinished reads this week? Leave a link or comment below and we'll visit each other and share our unfinished books.

I know most of us endeavor to finish everything we read, but we don't have to, and sometimes it's impossible- it just doesn't work for us, for one reason or another. But it's still possible to get some mileage out of that work for your blog- by sharing it with us here on Fridays!

My unfinished pick this week is Jean-Benoit Nadeau and Julie Barlow's The Story of French. It's not a bad book- it's a fine and interesting history of the French language- its growth, its influence and its future. I'm a Francophile and I enjoyed reading it, but at some point I put it down and just never picked it back up again. The sad part is I think I only have a chapter or two left! Does that ever happen to you?

Leave a comment or a link to a post on your blog about a book you haven't finished- I'd love to know!